The Maids home cleaning services can work with you to tackle special cleaning projects. Contact us  to speak to a sales representative to learn more.  Please note that our regular house cleaning covers many of the items below however, if you want a super deep clean on an extra dirty appliance or floor, it may require an extra service.

Some of our most popular additional residential cleaning projects include:

Oven/Grill Cleaning Service

Although today’s ovens and grills provide their owners with additional advanced cooking options, they also can pose a lot of problems when trying to clean them. Our unique process, using only environmentally friendly and safe cleaning products, helps to quickly and efficiently remove any grease or other residue from your appliances.

Refrigerator Cleaning Service

Getting your fridge squeaky clean can be a real chore – some of those stains just don’t want to get out. Luckily, with our expert cleaners, there’s very few stains that are too difficult to get out. We will disinfect and sanitize your fridge so it not only IS clean, it smells clean too.

Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Service

Kitchen cabinets can over the years collect a lot of dust and residue that’s difficult to reach and clean, but you can rest assured that out team will get them looking great with our dusting and deep cleaning service.  As part of our regular home cleaning service we will completely wipe down cabinets with a damp cloth.

Wood Floor Cleaning Service

If you want to have a shiny and beautiful hardwood floor, it’s important to regularly clean it. However, it’s not an easy task – each finish requires different approaches, so it’s best to leave it to the pros. At The Maids, we have trained experts who know how to approach different hardwood floor finishes and get them to looking shiny and clean with natural cleaning products that will not harm wood surfaces.

Tile Floor Cleaning Service

Even though a tile floor may seem pretty easy to clean, over time hard to clean residue can form in the grout which can seem almost impossible to get out. Luckily, with our multi-faceted approach there are no places too difficult to reach or clean, so you can be sure that your tiles will look brand new when we’re done with them. Our floor specialists clean many areas on hands and knees to make sure that no hard-to-reach spots are missed under cabinets or in-between appliances.

Wall Cleaning Service

We strive to provide a wall cleaning service that would make them seem like new without the need to repaint or refinish, if possible. Whether it is grease, furnace residue, nicotine or any other stain or debris, our team will use our special, environmentally friendly products to remove scuffs and spots off the walls.


Chandelier Cleaning

If you find that you’re chandelier is starting to lose its former beauty and is starting to look a bit dull, chances are it needs a good cleaning job. Still, cleaning the intricate crystal or glass parts it is not a simple task and thus should not be taken on without the necessary patience and experience. Our team of skilled cleaners is very adept at cleaning your chandelier to restore its former brilliance.


Light Fixture Cleaning

Every home has some form of lighting fixtures, and all of them need to be cleaned periodically in order to maintain them. Still, some of them are more difficult to clean than others and thus are better left to professionals – at The Maids we have highly capable specialists who will know how to best approach cleaning your outdoor and indoor light fixtures.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Our services include dusting off the tops and underside of your fan lights to remove dust and residue that can collect after a surprisingly small amount of time.  Ceiling fans can spread dust and allergens around if they are not wiped clean on a weekly basis.  Our regular house cleaning includes cleaning all fan lights within normal ceiling heights or if they are higher, whatever our telescoping duster can reach.

Mirrored Walls

Keeping mirrors clean can be a hassle – they smudge easily and are sometimes difficult to clean without leaving streaks. Our team at The Maids is specially trained to clean mirrors and mirror walls so that they are left spotless and shining like new.


Vacuum Draperies & Dust Window Sills

Our team also offers to vacuum draperies, which can carry a lot of dust and other allergens. With our patented backpack hepa vacuum, we have a wide selection of vacuuming tools and specialists who are trained to use them property to get 98% of allergens out of curtains and shutters.